93. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

There are some songs that I’m a bit embarrassed that I put on this list. I know my friends will shake their heads in disgust. I think my brother Scott might even vomit in his mouth a little when he see’s #93. But, damn it, I just couldn’t help it. You put this song on, and I’m singing along in less than two seconds. It’s just a killer pop song from start to finish.

The lyrics are absolutely preposterous. A guy is in love with his friend’s girlfriend. “And she’s loving him with that body, I just know it.” Are you kidding me with that line? But then again, how many of us guys have been in this exact same situation. You start thinking, “Just how good a friend is Jessie? ‘Cause, man, Amanda is so perfect. She’s smart, pretty - funny in that non-judgmental way. And she likes sports! Sure I've known Jessie since junior high, but how much of a loss would that really be? He's kind of whiny anyway.” We can all imagine that situation.

This song is what I like to call pop-perfect. It’s a perfect representation of pop music. “Mmmm bop” by Hanson is another quick example, to give you a frame of reference. They’re songs you listen to and you don’t want to like, but they just grab a hold of you and dig into your brain like the Ceti-Alpha-Five worms in Wrath of Khan. Most of my music purist buddies fight the pop-perfect impulse relentlessly. I, however, submitted to it years ago and never looked back.

To make this song even more absurd, it’s by Rick Springfield, who came to fame first as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Doesn’t this just make this song the precursor to “Heartbeat” by Don Johnson? No, I say. You see, Rick Springfield was a musician first, who then went into acting, while never abandoning his first love – music. I know, nobody should know this much about Rick Springfield unless he’s just watched Rick’s Behind the Music (which is great, by the way). Even so, put this song on and let your pretentions fade away. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

And Scott, I hope you didn’t have a fish taco for lunch. Sorry.

(There’s a killer scene in the movie Keeping the Faith, starring Edward Norton & Ben Stiller, that has Ken Leung (from Lost) doing a great karaoke to this song. Even if the movie isn’t your cup of tea, youtube “My name is Dong! Rhymes with Flang!” and you won’t regret it. Actually, I'll put in in below along with Rick's original video.)

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