What took me so long?

For someone who's always been somewhat of a computer/technology geek and also considered himself a writer of sorts, it's hard to believe that it's taken me this long to actually put a blog together. I guess I didn't want to put anything out there on those internets* until I was sure I had something to say. I guess I finally figured out that I had.

Who's going to be interested in what I have to say? I have no idea. It may just be me and my wife - maybe a few friends and family. That's just fine with me. I'm not looking to become the next, um, who the heck is a famous blogger? Perez Hilton? Ugh. Yeah, better just blog on in obscurity, because I'm not dying my hair pink.

So if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by and I hope that what I have to say is worth your time. You know, just in case you were wondering...

*And in case you were wondering if I was stupid or not, it's a joke.