Um, hello? Where's Kent?

Where the hell have I been?  Good question that deserves an answer.  For the four of you who are reading these, there’s been quite a break between the last entry and this one.  The reason is because I was in the hospital for three days getting a drain put into my abdomen to take care of an abscess that I had in my intestines.  I won’t bore you with the grisly details (Todd B. might disagree with the whole drain in the abdomen thing), but needless to say I was pretty out of circulation.
At first, I thought with the wife and kids at home and me spending some quality alone time with the staff at Parker Adventist Hospital, I would have plenty of time to knock out a few entries on my list.  Heck, one a day, I thought.  The problem with that thought process is that I didn’t realize that my brain would be a bit off kilter the whole time I was there.  There weren’t as many  opportunities to write as I thought there would be since I spent a lot of time sleeping fitfully and the times I was awake were not my most inspired.
So I watched movies and some Battlestar Galactica and read some of Neal Gabler’s biography of Walt Disney.  But in the spirit of the end of many of my posts, I’ll give you four fun facts about those three things as well as one about being in the hospital.

  • Cannot recommend Inglorious Basterds enough.  Watching it for the second time enabled me to enjoy every ounce of Christoph Walttz’s glorious (and rightfully Academy Award winning) performance as the Nazi investigator who can charm you and kill you in consecutive seconds.
  • No, I’m not a Cylon, but Boomer didn’t think she was a Cylon either, now did she?  Why hello, Commander Adama….
  • When Walt Disney looked for a new house for his wife and family in the early ‘50’s, he had but one major requirement – that the house have enough land for him to build a functioning 1/8 scale steam train with half a mile of track.
  • The mattresses in newer hospitals are basically fancy air mattresses that inflate and deflate to make your stay more comfortable.  The problem is, as soon as you do get comfortable, it shifts the air around to fit your new position, thusly making it uncomfortable again.
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